car seat crash test ratings 2020

The good news for parents is that these Federal safety requirements ensure that every seat sold in the US provides at least a basic level of crash protection, and thus can be considered safe. We consider how the design of each seat contributes to a baby's potential comfort, parent use, and durability. The Evenflo Tribute (above right), is also only 17 inches wide, but it is the lightest seat in the review at just over 9 lbs. However, we think you should be aware that there seems to be some "Safety Washing" happening in the car seat industry concerning the marketing of side impact protection and other features that claim additional protection. The Keyfit 30 is somewhat more challenging to install without-the-base, though it isn't a chore. Convertible car seats have similar designs with what few obvious difference that are not cosmetic. In a product genre where so many of the seats are similar in structure and function, the details are the only thing that helps differentiate them from each other. This is one of the easiest adjustment options in the review. The Britax seats all claim an "energy-absorbing base," with something they call "safe cell." Therefore, all of the seats offer a basic level of protection, but some perform significantly better than others, and you can consider them as offering an extra margin of protection compared to other seats. It is a silly design flaw, but it is annoying and not necessary. The higher weight limits are pretty much just marketing hype you can ignore. However, you usually don't notice you need to adjust the straps until your baby is in the seat. We have no way of knowing how well these features work, or if they work predictably in an actual crash scenario as opposed to a simulated crash test. There is no chance these straps will impinge on the carrier's ability to attach to the base. The car seat carrier clicks-in to the base. While this design is interesting, we think it makes the clip's operation significantly more challenging. We bought and crash-tested the top 17 convertible seats of 2020 to find the best. Being able to use a convertible seat with an infant may tempt you into considering a convertible option as your only car seat, but we urge you not to take a "one and done" approach to car seats. This lack of information makes it impossible to compare seats with similar-sounding claims, especially without a universally agreed-upon language to describe what the claims genuinely mean. The Chicco NextFit (above right) is also easy with a lock-off conveniently located on the outside of the shell. Tests utilized a crash test dummy with sensors located in various body parts that record G-forces exerted on the dummy during testing. There are two belt paths for installing a carrier without the base, European, and American. The Evenflo Tribute LX has the lowest score in the group for LATCH installation with a 6 of 10. This feature may be similar to the Clek claim, but once again, without an agreed-upon definition of terminology, it is hard to say what each means or if and how testing was done to support the claim. The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) administers this test. The Cybex Aton2 has one the easiest buckle to undo on its 5 point harness, The strangely placed rear tighten and loosening system on the back of the Graco SnugRide Classic Connect is ridiculously complicated compared to the more traditional pull strap and release button found on all the other seats we looked at. The scoring helps quantify the products that offer an additional margin of protection, in our opinion, over and above the basic level of protection found in all of the seats. This versatile booster is super easy to install using the ClickTight method, has an easy to use headrest, and is LATCH capable. In this way, an infant seat works much like a bike helmet, which also uses an exterior shell of hard plastic combined with a layer of energy-absorbing hard foam between the shell and your head. Suddenly, you collide head-on with the northbound vehicle. The further a score is below the Federal HIC maximum of 1000, the better it performed (similar to how a lower score in golf is better). The seat weights were ranked from the heaviest to the lightest, and they are scored appropriately. Copyright © 2020 BabyGearLab LLC What's the problem? Our expert panel was led by Dr. Juliet Spurrier, Board-Certified Pediatrician, mother of two, and founder of BabyGearLab.

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