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One of the main effects of testosterone injection treatment is worsening sleep apnea. Presented at the 34th Annual European Association of Urology Congress, held in … I bump up the workouts to three times per week. You can take the same man (or women) with and without hormones and they are two completely different people. I do still have the energy to workout, but it seems like even after months of weight training, I've been unable to increase the amount of weight much at all. A support group for Redditors who are coping with a relationship that is seriously lacking in sexual intimacy. MHL - We reactivated our bedroom 4 years ago. So for an out of pocket of $60 and maybe 30 minutes of your time, you’ll know whether you need to pursue it further. Me: I’d like to check my thyroid. Even after getting test results, both refused to believe him when he said his levels were below the normal range. I’d tell him what I tell all my friends – start getting tested once you turn 40. I was into fitness in one way or another most of my life. I asked for a copy of the results. Introduction: Up to 30% of erectile dysfunction (ED) patients treated with phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors do not show improved sexual function, which may be due in part to low serum testosterone. Reddit; Wechat; Abstract. It will give you yourself back (I wonder if there is a better way to write that). I have Hypogonadism and have had my levels tested, my lowest reading at 193 ng/dL. Testosterone alone may not relieve your symptoms. Each person will have a different reaction to testosterone therapy, but these six side effects are commonly linked to administering testosterone shots. You have done a public service. TESTOSTERONE REPLACEMENT THERAPY. or a 2nd opinion of you need to. The r/loseit subreddit is a great place to get started if you need some help. He divided my total monthly dose into 8 injections. Print Save. If I didn’t get myself fixed, the relationship problems would likely got much worse. Hypogonadal patients already receiving testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) likewise can still suffer from symptoms of sexual dysfunction. It seemed like I just couldn’t sleep well - I’d sleep a lot, but was never rested. Living without sleep is just a horrible existence. At Mantality Health, we have lots of testimonies from people who have benefited from this therapy. Hopefully you are seeing/have seen an endocrinologist vs. a primary care doctor or urologist. Kai Palikiko Sep. 22, 2019. It sounds like his doctor is on top of it but I would feel amiss if I didn’t give you the standard warning – make sure he keeps on top of his estradiol, thyroid, and adrenals. TRT is an acronym for testosterone replacement therapy, sometimes called androgen replacement therapy. Now I am currently taking 250mg per week ( 2 injections ) to make it last longer. I'm researching different testosterone replacement therapies and wanted to see if anyone on here had a good (or bad) experience with TRT. I use to be very over weight in 2010 like 320lbs ( pics to prove it ). If I had to pinpoint a time for when things ‘broke’ I’d say it was when I gained the 15 lbs. I hope he finds an answer. --, When I restarted the T, I hated the way it was making me feel so I stopped the injections. He told me not to give up or quit. Thank you for sharing your story! Kai Palikiko has had over 10 years personal experience with Anabolics. Wechat. Basically thinking about all the work side of it. Cole AP, Hanske J, Jiang W, et al. I’m almost always the first person out of bed. Specifically, middle-aged testosterone replacement therapy users had a 4.2 percent greater decrease in respiratory hospitalisations compared with non-users and older testosterone replacement therapy users had a 9.1 percent greater decrease in respiratory hospitalisations compared with non-users,” said Prof Baillargeon. My sleep was more like a haze. I felt like we should be having sex and I missed the connection. -- similar to the daily gels. Once I got my sleep back, everything else fell into place. Anyways, just wondering if you did research into finding the right doctor beforehand, and how you went about doing that? It seems like I wasn’t getting as hard as normal and sometimes it was difficult to finish. Nothing changed. Reddit; Wechat; Abstract. Testosterone treatment had no effect on memory or other cognitive function. Arv Buttar, NP shares her expertise and knowledge about the connection between TRT and Cholesterol. Lost 25 lbs of fat (more than half my bodyfat) while keeping all of my lean mass. Hormone replacement therapy is a treatment used to release symptoms of the menopause. Definitely health, weight and diet can play a role into your test production. Definitely a well balanced diet, some great weight training and exercises would be greatly beneficial ( even if you're not trying to put on tons of muscle ) for you. I kept my gym workout the same. The aim of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is to improve symptoms and signs of testosterone deficiency including decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, depressed mood, anaemia, loss of muscle and bone mass, by increasing serum testosterone levels to physiologic range. These include heart attack and stroke in men over 65 and infertility in young men. The first time I took Progesterone I slept great. Thus, implant two 75 … Whatever gets you through. Some antidepressants and adjunct meds can cause weight gain. It’s primarily used to treat low testosterone … I’ve read studies that suggest that being a dad lowers your testosterone. I saw you link to this post, and I'm so glad I clicked on it (not stalking, I promise!). Recent research has supported this position. Now that the disclaimer is done - he might be lucky and only need the testosterone. It took me 8 months to get my ‘break through’ moment and then another 6 to get everything dialed in. Your symptoms do sound similar to mine. Those who took testosterone replacement therapy had a 21% higher risk of cardiovascular events such as heart attack, stroke or mini-stroke than those who did not take the therapy… It had promise. It take 5-6 weeks for the testosterone cypionate to reach steady-state in your blood. My bf is in an extremely similar situation as yours, although younger (26M). I bet if you lost the weight, ate healthy, and exercised, your T levels would rebound naturally. Though this could vary from different doctors recommendations. If you break the doses up like that and still get the aggression, rage, emotional ups and downs, talk to the doctor again. Most people start on testosterone lotion. -The number of pellets to be implanted depends upon the minimal daily requirements of testosterone propionate administered parenterally. I’ve got so much better at them. I've taken Test E, P and now just taking test C, I have never had mood swings or higher levels of aggression. I have enough of a fitness background that I know how to lose weight. Now I’m more inclined to say it sounds fun, let’s try. Mantality Health 2017-12-15T10:33:11-05:00. It can definitely help fuel the fire especially if you have a really low test count. I went on TRT two years ago and are very happy with the results. I hear that some people that go on TRT have follow-on thyroid issues as the thyroid can’t keep up with the increase in metabolism. I managed to lose over 75lbs so far and I have way more energy than I used to. If you experience aggression/ rage, etc. Reddit. I use the injection. I like the gym and I historically go through periods of running. Testosterone Replacement Therapy Boost your testosterone level back to a younger state with the highest quality bio-identical TRT program. TRT has been used in the last 70 years, and overtime, numerous preparations and formulations have been … Talk to your doctor and see if your weight gain is or could be drug related and what other meds you can try for your depression. Endo: You had it checked 4 months ago and it was fine. Your first endo sounds horrible! Although the hormone has few serious short-term side effects, its long-term risks remain a black box I know more than my doc about certain things too lol. Also, HRT isn’t going to do everything for you. I would try to get hard but often nothing happened. The first step was to get back to the gym. – Keep in mind, this is just a theory in regards to testosterone and dopamine. I'm 37 and I have been taking my own testosterone for bodybuilding for about a year. I was going to take this back to my endo. That means that an average 30 year old has a level 24% lower than a 30 year old in 1997. Testosterone is a very interesting subject to read/watch about and learn the benefits associated with its effects on our bodies and moods. Additionally a slow spread out dosage of Testosterone can result in lower estrogen levels vs injecting a higher dose weekly. Get your T levels normalized and see how you feel emotionally and physically. If you have an abnormally low T, boosting your testosterone levels with TRT can help bring your energy levels back to normal. A lot of doctors are not informed on the basics. It can turn into a head game. However, these symptoms can be caused by other reasons (multi-factorial). Testosterone replacement therapy is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to treat low testosterone, aka "low T," which can be directly linked to … I would say to a comment suggesting roid rage shouldn't even be factored in. Can testosterone replacement therapy make me feel more energetic? 4. Within three to four months of taking testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Vossen was back to his old self. I started looking at myself and I didn’t like where I was. Testosterone reduces with … The twice a week method lowers the peak T levels and gives a more even blood level from day to day. Endo: Have you ever injected yourself before? Good luck with the ... relationship aspects ... of the low t problem. To be fair to myself, I did get up every day, work all day, come home, do chores around the house, play with the kids, read to them before bed, and go to bed exhausted just like she did. My wife would get up early in the morning to get the kids ready for school and I’d sleep in despite going to be earlier than her. My wife loves complements (like most people). Men that go on TRT who have excess body fat are likely to have excess estrogen conversion. At times, I would look at my wife thinking that we haven’t had sex in a while. The endo. There isn't a "one size fits all" dose of T. The therapy needs to be individualized. Endo: I can recommend treatment for your levels. The site may not work properly if you don't, If you do not update your browser, we suggest you visit, Press J to jump to the feed. I strongly recommend seeing an endocrinologist. Don't be afraid of the testosterone replacement. Get the endo appointment. Can testosterone replacement therapy make me feel more energetic? Maybe it was the initial spike in Testosterone. Now’s the waiting game. For the last year I’ve planned all the date nights. I get the feeling that folks here are desperate for any information on what to expect and if it will give them any hope for solving their problems. Do you plan to have more kids? “Clinical awareness of low testosterone is terrible,” he says. But I have one question : why your hormones decreased so much while you were still young ? doc worked with me to see if I could stop the testosterone and let my body take over. TLDR: Anyone willing to share their experiences with testosterone replacement therapy. Over that decade, androgen replacement therapy – testosterone prescribed in the form of topical gels, skin patches, pills and injections – more than tripled. I’d sleep but very lightly. Due to changes in our environment and lifestyles, people’s hormone levels are decreasing. You already are into weight training, HIIT, and have a diet. I don’t want to be insensitive, but if you’re surpassing 300lbs, you’re not eating healthy. Methods. Nothing changed. A place for those on testosterone replacement therapy to convene and share their thoughts, advice, and ask questions about all things TRT. -- The basic issues between the pituitary and the testes meant my body would never produce enough testosterone. The recovery period was 16 weeks for the MENT group, in which semen concentration increased to over 20 x 106 mL—whereas the testosterone group still had azoospermia until after 28 weeks.8 You will love it. Did your levels test low? I made a doctor’s appointment and took a blood test right away. Just found out today his testosterone is low. Many men with low testosterone report improved energy levels, sex drive, and mood after testosterone treatment. I’m fairly prepared for the conversation. Me: That value (1.8) was borderline high. At that time, my wife was not complaining about lack of sex. It is such a pleasure to have that feeling back! Before, I was solidly in the dad bod category. I have a harder time retaining my focus on work, discussions with others, listening to audio books...etc. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the DeadBedrooms community. I am 6'7 so a lot of fat was masked by my height. Me: I want to self-inject with testosterone cypionate. My confidence has boosted itself by 1000. Called around to 6 doctors. I dismissed it as just getting older. I slept like a BABY that night. Only qualified medical practitioners should be allowed to administer the therapy. Test definitely helped but all the hard work 6 days a week working a full time job was still done by me. Child #2 has arrived (wow, it was so easy when there was only 1!) This subreddit is intended for all genders and sexual orientations, and supports all approaches. Hell, its likely back to pre-collage. I’d lay down with my eyes closed and would force myself to keep them closed. Doctor: That’s what your table says. Within three to four months of taking testosterone replacement therapy (TRT), Vossen was back to his old self. Testosterone is a male sex hormone. Life really sucks when you can't sleep. Doctors usually start with a standard recommended dosage and then conduct tests to see if adjustments need to be made. The results came back as ‘your fine’. The best thing was the vivid dreams. -- You bone health, sex drive, metabolism, muscles, etc. All of the stiffness and cramps gradually go away as my body stabilizes. I really hope it helps somebody here. -- I'm a few days short of 60 now. --- My endo. It has always been important to me. You are fee to get a second opinion. I fessed up to stopping the injections and why. I finally saw an endocrinologist vs. a urologist. Testosterone replacement therapy has the potential to drastically improve quality of life of those who need it. This subreddit is for questions and discussion related to testosterone replacement therapy and testosterone levels. The testosterone will give him the drive but if something else is out of balance the performance could be lost. I eat pretty healthy, but have difficulty with low energy and other symptoms. If you're wondering about starting TRT or getting your testosterone levels checked this subreddit is for you. I’m excited. My thyroid value tripled (1.8 to 4.6) and my estrogen was off the range high (48 on a scale up to 39). Consult a doctor. I took meds for those conditions but recently stopped because of the cravings for food and weight gain associated with the medications. I get the feeling that folks here are desperate for any information on what to expect and if it will give them any hope for solving their problems. Before somebody suggest something and the thought process turns into the “Well now I have to do step 1, step 2, get this ready, etc”. Well, the music is back in full-force. I tossed it in the trash really quick. TLDR: Anyone willing to share their experiences with testosterone replacement therapy. Obesity can be caused by Low-T, but it can also cause Low-T as well. Researchers found that healthy men who received TRT did not have a higher risk of heart attack, stroke, or death.Furthermore, a study in the August 2015 Mayo Clinic Proceedings showed no link between TRT and blood clots in v…

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