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I have no expertise at all. Chandaniya nadiya beech nahaaye by Hemant Kumar, film Anjaan (1956), lyrics Rajendra Krishan, music Hemant Kumar Although I cannot read Gujarati I could decipher that the poem was written by Mekat Kavi Dayaram and I believe the music was by Purushottam Upadhyay. You are abs.right . Very much appreciate the way you have written about my post. Shart song is my favourite like millions others. There could be songs where the word – chaand or chanda – may be part of the lyrics, but the scene of the song may not contain any moon at all. I wish you to keep the target of 200 songs on this theme, which should not be impossible for you to achieve. Ye raat ye chandani phir kahan – Hemant – Jaal (1952) It too will become a song of yore for succeeding generations. So far the number of songs have gone to 181 . “Moon should be part of the scene and hanging in the sky. If you know a song that could be added to this list, please add it in a comment. He has gone boldly where no post writer has gone before! AK ji , it is time to add some of the old songs into Naushad sahib’s booty ; and here are some. Arijit Singh Mashup 2015 _ Shivam Shivam Mathur Visuals indian mashup songs latest mashup songs 2013-2015 mashup songs new sad mashup-songs fast songs mashup-2015 top-10 song's mashup heart-touching mashup songs new Sad-Song_The Xpose Song ?-The Expose Drad DilO k-kAAm-hO-jAty 2015 2015 song … The flow continues uninterrupted. I wrote the blog and AK was kind enough to accept and publish it. Chand of course has had a very special place in India’s mythology, music, poetry, and love stories. D P Rangan ji; Thanks for holding the moon among us for so long. Talking of similar tune/ songs reminds me of two such vintage songs ….. 1. Besides scientific findings , some believes that the aliens comes from moon….they are not visible and have their shelters in dark side of the moon . And what do you think of this version of your favourite song. Then he migrated to Pakistan and acted in several hit films. Even after these categories there are a lot of songs left which can be put in miscellaneous category. Here is a classic from Mohammad Rafi. Any lady would love to be described in the manner done so in this song. We are forever indebted to the creator of YouTube for gaining access to snippets from our old films portraying the scene and the songs. Your pointing out about the mention of Chandramukhi is very interesting from Madhumati 1958 main actors Dilip K and Vaijayanthi Mala, Directed by Bimal Roy has a reference to the another film made earlier by Bimal Roy Devdaas acted in by Dilip K, Suchitra Sen and Vaijayanthi Mala. Shamshad Begum’s song you are referring to is Saari khushiyan saath laayi from Jeevan Jyoti (1953) which SD Burman reused as Tumhre sang to rain bitaayi. This perhaps was not related to this article but was from the one related to article on Letters [ patiyan ] …again related to love and romance. 13. Roun main sagar ke kinare…..C H Atma……Nagina, It was my ideal when writing this post. This is one of the earliest song of Kalyan ji Veer ji and its beautiful orchestration has the foot prints of Shankar Jaikishan of Rajhath and Halaku era . More installments are welcome. 4. I had doubt about Shamshad Begum. All eminently listenable songs. I have left out another thirty songs, and many of them may appear more meritorious. That is a superb compilation and interesting observation. Yes. 1.Ja ja re chanda ja re……Lata….Private Secretary…..Dilip Dholakia,, 2.Husn se chand bhi sharmaiya hai….Rafi….Door ki Awaz….Ravi,, 3.Chahe chanda to tum….Lata, Mukesh….Aplam Chaplam…Chitragupt,, 4., Further in my post on Raga Durga, the song has been mentioned in the comments section more than once. I think this is just a belief as it is not supported by any scientific reasons or findings. It can be an excel document or Words. My students will runaway from my class as fast as possible. I was mainly looking for one of my favourite songs ‘ Chanda re mori…’ .But I was surprised that this song had not been posted here by anyone. We will eagerly wait for your post. Chandramukhi Tha Naam AK ji, I have been here before but don’t know whether it would be correct to describe myself as an ‘old hand’ on this site. The blog administrator does not close blogs and you can post even after a long time. 19. Besides , Chanda ki nagri , there is one more of the mid 60s…..Trip to moon ; alias…Chand per chhadai. Ae chand Tu bata de. . I am not sure we would come anywhere near your grand wish you have expressed in the first part, even with AI. Thanks for locating the song. Find album reviews, stream songs, credits and award information for Bollywood Nights - Various Artists on AllMusic - 2002 As in the beautiful song : “chandaa ko dhoondne sabhi taare nikal pade”. While my listing of chand songs are nearly over ; I have chosen to orient myself to Vintage era and will try to carry on with such songs till D P Rangan’s Tonga takes me to the point of returns to his other article in store., 7. There could be songs where the word – chaand or chanda – may be part of the lyrics, but the scene of the song may not contain any moon at all. Thanks for acknowledging my message. Sharmaji & Bhatiaji, In continuation of songs @159 , here are a few more in chand/ chandni booty. Wynk Music - Download & Listen mp3 songs, music online for free. I will try to search and post some obscure songs now. Somebody has to handle subjects like, Moon, Rain, Birah (Seperation) Clouds, Dil, Sama, (atmosphere and ambiance) Gesu or hair etc. I listened to all the songs you posted. No matter how bad a dancer you are, your energy levels bring out the best dance moves when Bollywood songs are playing. A wonderful song with Chand both in its lyrics and visual. O sapno mein aake chale…..Lata….Patrani,, 24.Dil ki nazar se…….Lata , Mukesh……Anari,, 25.Duniya mein chand suraj……Lata, Mukesh……Kathputli, This last song is a beautiful melody that was never heard by me before. YT comment mentions Parul Ghosh, but my impression is it is another Mrs Ghosh. Once I was in Delhi and a Rikshaw hit a street dog and the dog cried for a long time like a little child hurt by its adult and it was looking for kindness from the human beings but humans around laughed and told the dog to scrm. Haaye dil is liye ghabraaya, and Here is first instalment of five such songs: 1. Thanks for your brilliant information. As said the voyage to Moon has been great . A few songs of golden period : 1. But all songs that have Chaand and Chandani should be compiled under one Heading and it should have facility to add on. We also had KAs Chand aahe bharega and so on. I thought Moon and Mumbai would rhyme well. Bhatiaji Two pairs I have mentioned in the anniversary posts of last year and this year. Its link is also included for enjoyment. 50.Jab chand mera nikla…..Pankaj Malick…….Private song, I find that Dinesh has included me in his thanks, and DP Rangan has very generously praised me for my role as editor. Of the two songs you mentioned I heard the duet for the first time. My relatives always called me “Silly Shally” and believe it or not I liked it. 7) Ae Chaand pyar mera tujhse keh raha hai I hope they are not listed earlier. To me, the first two memories of word Chand comes in two songs: Rafi from Khoj Please read the article and try to locate the songs mentioned on you tube and let me know. goonj utha sangeet,, 1. Rote rote guzar gayi raat re…..Lata…..Buzdil…. 92.Aye chand mere chand ko…..Geeta Dutt….Jai Maakali[1951]….Kumar,, 93.Chand hai wohi…Geeta dutt….Parineeta[1953]…..Arun Kumar,, 94.Us chand se pyare ho tum…..Rafi, Lata….Raat Ki Raani[1949]….Hansraj Behl,, 95.Chad ko gaale se lagaiye…..Naseem Akhtar…..Keemat[1946]….Naushad,, 96.Jab tak jaage chand gagan mein……Lata….Shiv Kanya…Manna Dey,, 97.yeh sitare yeh chand….Lata……Danka [1954]…..Aziz Khan,, 98.Do diwano ka afsana aye chand……Lata, CR….Khazana[1952]..CR,, 99.Aye chand unse kahina…..Kausar Parveen..[ sounds like Lata ji, subject to confirmation of the experts]………Gumnam[1954]…Master Inayat Hussain,, 100. …..gali mein aaj chaand nikla….. I post two more such songs where the word chand has been mentioned only maybe once…, 1) ‘ Piya toh se naina…’/ Guide/1965/ SDB / Lata and chorus, 2)’ Shamal shamal baran… ‘ / Navrang /1959/ CR/ Mahendra Kapoor, Previous post: Forgotten Composers Unforgettable Melodies: Iqbal Qureshi, Next post: Shankar-Jaikishan’s female dance duets, Hemant Kumar’s solo songs under ‘other’ batons. I delved into the abstract details of the moons in our solar system solely to emphasise our position therein. Mohammad Rafi never fails. There are two versions, the second version which is is short one without any music starts at 3:31 Is it a case of one trick pony. Very sweet to hear. Some of the songs are filmed on the moon . The film had ten songs written by five lyricists – Khumar Barabanqvi (3), Anjum Dehlavi (2), Khawar Zaman (3), Mashhar (1) and Shevan Rizvi (1). and without doubt AK ji’ as well . A Gemini production, it has two music directors – the above named and BS Kalla. You will find it listed in a post on Pardesi under ‘Forgotten composers’. Another full moon will appear in a few days from now. 12. Thos tall and fat Texan may be wondering at you with envy. 21. This is only for information. Nageshwar Rao,, 85.Chup chup ke chale aao ….Suman….Apsara….Husanlal Bhagatram,, 86.Tum ho saath raat bhi haseen hai….Lata…Mohra[1959]…MM, Around 300 songs are covered here and many are without links and some are only with links which have been removed from the YouTube but without the title of the song . Chandni Raaten…..Noorjahan……Dupatta……old pak movie. ………. Here is a list 26 of those songs that have moon in the first stanza (‘Mukhda”) of the lyrics. Your selection of songs, carefully culled out of 50+ songs, a mix of familiar and unfamiliar songs, was listeners’ pleasure. Are bhai nikal ke aa ghar se…..Kishore…New Delhi. ….chand appears around 5.00 . I see the moon (several moons!) I am glad to find that you have become a regular writer on this blog. Wo chaand khila wo taare hanse by Lata Mangeshkar and Mukesh from Anari (1959), lyrics Hasrat Jaipuri, music Shankar-Jaikishan. I have only read two cantos of Kumara Sambhav and I had read Ritu Samhar couple of times. @154 Thanks Ms Shalan Lal for reminding the superb vintage song …..Yeh chand nahin teri Aarti hai…….by Jagmohan . And this is just the reason why I come here sometimes but am not able to stay long. Hope every one enjoyed as much as myself . Thanks for the reminder of SDB’s Jeevan Jyoti song . [ Now this reminds me of actual James Bond movie ….Moonraker of 1979 ] . I want to spoon, to my honey I’ll croon love’s tune, D P Rangan’ ji; Thanks for the correction. I do not know anything about the technical specifics of this song but somehow I have considered it as a great song . Very difficult to describe the song scene in adequate words. The Bollywood songs ….over the years…have always referred beautiful faces to the bright moon shines …..that pleases anyone rather everyone at any moment of time. 3. Will have to consult AK how to upload it in this site. Generally every alternate summer me and my family spends two months in Atlanta with my elder daughter’s family. I have merely introduced the subject and it is for the experts monitoring this blog to come out with further embellishments by way of interesting anecdotes and songs on the theme. Hats off to your posting such rare songs at a moments notice. Anyway here are five more on way to chanda . In my next round to British Library for reading Sanskrit literatures I shall look for the word”Chandramukhi”. He had put finishing touch on my crude English in several places and made it smooth and mellifluous. ….Will come back if found more . Venkatraman ‘ [ji’s] . DP Rangan ji; Here is my favourite: Mere bhiya ko sandesa panhuchana re chanda teri jyot badhe by Lata Mangeshkar from Didi (1959), lyrics Sahir Ludhiyanavi, music N Datta. 33.Mujhko tum jo mile….Hemant, Geeta…Detective…Mukul Roy. Read our collection of classic and contemporary poems inspired by the moon and space travel. I am now in Dallas. “Oh, I’m sick of all these ditties about “moon” and “spoon” and “June” But I guess it shows “great minds think alike” . But keeping in mind the general nature of the Songs of Yore (the actual songs, not this site), I would think there would be more likelihood of finding “ग़म” songs. That responsibility could be of AK, KSBhatia and DP Rangan., This is an ancient Gujarati poem set to the tune in the present times. But I can be wrong. Perhaps you meant to address it to Shalan Lal. Listened to both the songs, despite MTNL poor internet connectivity with frequent outages. Chanda hai tu, mera suraj hai tu – Lata. Here are two highly listenable songs which have both the moon in its visuals and the word chanda and chandrama as part of the lyrics. So you are making another trip to the U.S.A. eh? The song….Chanda khele aankh machholi…from Jogan has already been includid. Ye mera prem patra padhkar – Sangam (‘tujhe main chand kehta tha’ in the first antara). Chanda chamke neelgagan mein by Lata Mangeshkar from Bahut Din Huye (1954), lyrics Pt. Thanks for correction of Lajwanti song . AK ji; By the silvery moon. Further, different varieties of flowers like ‘gulab, ‘kamal’ ‘champa’ ‘chameli’ etc. When we look at the four inner rocky planets, two innermost – Mercury and Venus – have no moons. But Nutan singing “chaand phir niklaa” on the terrace with hair flowing in the mild evening breeze and her indescribably soft and beautiful face (and Lata’s indescribably soft and beautiful voice to match) has to be one of the most iconic “chaand” songs (apart from Chaundvi ka chaand of course). Songs convey a significant chunk of the script in our Hindi movies and it’s in these songs that writers plan to capture essence of rain, snow, breath-taking views of lofty mountains, waterfalls and lakes. Chaand maddham hai .. would be on top in my favorite moon songs, no doubt. 100 comments on a blog is nothing unusual here. Wikipedia will probably define it as a heavenly object going round a planet.

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